Athatar – it is the home galaxy. It is our home. It is our whole world. It is where we wage war and make friends. The place where we live and die. We are not all alike, but we all live here. Peace is rare, but it is sweet.

Tech Level: 11
Starting Character Points: 150
Disadvantage Limit: -751
Quirks are included in the disadvantage limit. This means that if you have -5 points in quirks, you can only take -70 points in other disadvantages.

Primary attributes (ST, DX, IQ, HT) are capped at 14. Secondary attributes2 may exceed this limit.

1Lowered secondary attributes2 do not count toward the disadvantage limit unless they go below your racial average.

2Secondary attributes are HP, Will, Perception, FP, Basic Speed, and Basic Move.

The major fantasy races are:
Drow (Dark Elves)

PCs may be any of these races, but Orcs, Goblins, and Drow are not suggested because it will be difficult to get characters of these races into the campaign as a regular character.

Supernatural and exotic advantages are banned unless otherwise stated. Exceptions are Magery 0, Magery 1, Magic Resistance, Energy Reserve, Lifting ST, Striking ST, Acute Mana Sense, and anything in your racial template.
PCs may not start the campaign with Magery 2 or higher.

Banned Spells for PCs include Soul Jar, Strike Barren, Beast Possession, Rider Within, Zombie, all Summoning spells (meaning any spell with the word Summon or Summoning in its name), all Spirit spells (any spell that has the word Spirit in its name), Astral Vision, Banish, all spells in the Gate college (even if they are also in another spell college), any spell that requires a banned advantage as a prerequisite, and any spell that requires a banned spell as a prerequisite.

PCs may not have any form of Divination.

Spell stones are allowed, but they may not contain any spells PCs cannot learn (this means no spell stones can have spells that require magery 2 or higher) and the GM must be notified of all spell stones a character has prior to the session in which they are used.

All character sheets must be submitted to me and be approved before your character can enter the campaign.

The SA military has sent a mixed-race expeditionary fleet through a stable, naturally-occurring wormhole. On the other side, they encountered and engaged a BC fleet over the only inhabitable planet in the system. After a prolonged engagement, the planet’s gravity suddenly shifted, causing both fleets to crash to the planet’s surface.

This campaign is going to start on a TL 7 world inhabited by a mixture of creatures.

PCs will be either survivors of the crash or natives of the planet.


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