Coric Andesay

Elf Pilot


Elf, 1.8 meters tall, 60 kg.

Basic Stats

Stat Level
Strength 10
Hit Points 10
Dexterity 13
Will 11
Intelligence 11
Perception 13
Health 10
Fatigue Points 10

Notable Skills

Skill Level
Pistol (Normal and Beam) 14
Navigation (Space & Hyperspace) 15 + 2 (from Born Spacer)
Piloting (Spacecraft & Hyperspace) 16 + 2 (from Born Spacer)

Coric has lived in space for nearly his entire life. He was born in the med-bay of a large cruiser where his parents served for the SA. When he was 7 years old, they were transferred to a smaller scouting craft. The crew of a dozen or so had been scouting for roughly 6 months when they were attacked by a raid of Orcs. The crew’s pilot, Marcus, managed to get themselves inside a small escape pod, while everyone else on board was ruthlessly murdered. Their pod was picked up two weeks later, three days after they had exhausted their food supply. The vessel turned out to be friendly, and they were given jobs aboard the ship.

To this day, Coric has nightmares and the occasional flashback about the attack, and has vowed to take revenge on that band of raiders. Despite over 50 years passing (or perhaps because of it) he has only found a few leads, all of which turned out to be dead ends.

Coric learned everything he knows about piloting and navigation from Marcus. He has been shuffled between ships more times than he can count, and the two have long lost contact.

Coric Andesay

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