Esoner Nailo

Slender Elf Nerd



Basic Stats

Stat Level
Strength 11
Hit Points 10
Dexterity 11
Will 14
Intelligence 14
Perception 10
Health 11
Fatigue Points 10


Skill Level
Acrobatics 11
Artist (Interior Decorating, Pottery) 12
Beam Weapons (Laser Bow) 12
Bow 12
Broadsword (+1 with his sword) 11
Chemistry 12
Engineering (Contragrav, Electrical, Fusion Reactor, Reactionless Thrusters) 13
Fast Talk 13
Spell Attack (Projectile) 11
Machinist 13
Mathematics(Applied, Statistics) 12
Mechanic (Contragravity, Fission Reactor, Antimatter Reactor) 13
Metallurgy 12
Violin 12
NBC suit 10
Physics 11
Research 13
Spacer 14
Stealth 11
Thaumatology 12
Whip 10

Key Advantages

ER 2
Military rank 1
Lightning Calculator

Key disadvantages
unusual biochemistry

Key Equipment
Parents Sword Orichalcum
3 Powerstones (15)


Esoner Nailo:
Race: Elf
Rank: Lieutenant 2nd class
Age: 75
To whom it may concern. This the history and psychological profile of Esoner Nailo lieutenant 2nd class Flight Engineer. His parents were Senrenteti Nailo Captain 1st Class on the Dancing Winds and Herthanias Nailo Comander 2nd in command on the Dancing Winds. Both of them were well decorated veterans. When he had lived four Anathan solar cycles his parents took him to the Ananshar Temple in Harasa on Elyssiara to be blessed. Senrenteti had him given a physical blessing while Herthanias had him blessed with mental. The exact nature of these blessings is unknown as those that requested the blessings are dead and the Temple does not keep records. Unfortunately, the Dancing Winds was lost with all hands in the Sherbil system. After his parents died he went to live with his aunt (mother’s side), the Magnificent Lurthian Nailo, a well acclaimed entertainer across even racial barriers. During his childhood she taught him both air and illusion spells. At the age of fifty he entered Oristania Engineering School on Ananthan with a minor in practical at the same time as his cousin, Horathal Nailo, entered the Oristania School for xenopsycology. Horathal is now a diplomat to the ____. In his first year he met Lightning Thought an ent that could talk almost as fast a faun and Larisas Esuon while taking practical magic. In his second year a few members of Sayon gang attempted to mug him, and stole his power stone. Esoner defended himself with lightening. He spent the next three days recovering from fatigue and damage from the fight. After that he and his friends attempted to fuse power stones to their bodies. While their attempt was successful, it left them magically scarred. During his third year his cousin assigned him to assist a human defector by the name of Tammy Coburn. She was a medical student. When Esoner graduated, he enlisted in the military because he wanted to have a more hands-on approach to mechanical things. In this respect he is almost gnomish. In an effort to maneuver him into a less influential position he was outfitted with a hardware accelerator. However, due to the aforementioned magical damage caused by fusing the power stone to his body the hardware accelerator also fused to his body and apparently did not activate. After it was obvious that he was not suitable for actual combat, he was assigned to a cruiser called Ellessy Pride. On the second tour of duty the Ellessy Pride’s navigational computer suffered sabotage from Dwarves. In order to reestablish their Jump navigation computer, they manually calculated Jump and started trying to figure out where they were. On the Final Jump they arrived in the Arrod System. They were confronted by 3 battlecruisers, 2 battleships, and one carrier. Before they could explain their situation they were fired upon. They made it out of system but their drives were damaged it took them 8 months to make it to Athatar. When they got there they were ambushed by pirates. After they fought them of it took them a week before they made far enough in-system to scuttle the ship and make it to the planet in life pods and other small ships. Acting Captain Horio managed to book passage on aboard merchant ships and sent the crews to Telembriel.

Esoner Nailo

Athatar aquaticmage