Robert J Xanther

Human Mage


Weak physically, but has a talent for magic.

Knows a lot of spells, none at high levels. (All spells under level 15)

His biggest strengths are his wide variety of spells and his cleverness. He is also good at planning and has some leadership qualities.

His biggest weaknesses are his overconfidence and his low physical strength and dexterity. He also tends to rely on his magical ability too much and often panics if he runs out of mana.


Since Robbie himself will be secretive about his life before joining the Shining Alliance, I will not put that part of his backstory here until it is revealed in the campaign.

When Robbie got to the Shining Alliance, he spent some time with the gnomes and the dwarves, but he didn’t really fit in with either. Gnomes were always working on some project or another and whenever he wanted to ask something or had an idea to contribute, they were always too busy to listen to anything he had to say. The dwarves were too stubborn to listen to his ideas and thought his questions were not even worth answering.

After spending very limited time with the gnomes and dwarves, Robbie decided he would join the elves. The decision was based less on how he viewed elves and more on how poorly he thought he had been treated with the gnomes and dwarves. Robbie knew that elves viewed themselves as superior to the other races, so he decided to try to play that up. Whenever he was around elves, he would usually defer to their judgement and address them respectfully. This seemed to have a positive effect and they eventually regarded him with something nearing respect. One thing that was not in his favor was his own magical knowledge. The elves regarded anyone who could use magic as ignorant if they did not at least know the basic spells from each of the 4 elements and Robbie had never learned any Earth spells. This was not a huge setback, though, and he still managed to join their section of the SA.

The first mission Robbie was sent on was to investigate an unusual wormhole in a relatively unexplored part of the galaxy. He thought the mission would be relatively straightforward, but things got interesting once the exploratory fleet went through the wormhole.

CAMPAIGN START: Robbie is a cook on board an elven ship to start the campaign.

This backstory has been sent to the GM, but has not yet been approved.

Robert J Xanther

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