drow rogue from mid-future (name means humble'agent)


ST 12 HP 12 BM 6
DX 14 WL 11 SP 6
IQ 11 FP 10
HT 10 DG 6


  • drow
  • benefactor (Do’rret, current equipment)
  • ambidextrous
  • able to learn new skills easily


  • drow
  • flashback minor
  • new skills can not go above 12


  • force blade 14
  • dual-wield force-blade 16
  • fast-draw force-blade 15
  • acrobatics 13
  • intimidate 15
  • fast-talk 11


  • force-blade 2
  • nanosuit
  • tau belt
  • duffel bag -
  • - c-batteries 10
  • - c-rations 2wk supply
  • - hygienic supplies
  • - water purification tablets 2wk supply
  • - hammock
  • - tarp
  • - mechanical fire starter
  • Wuyon’onia has become well versed in hand-to-hand combat, thanks to his years in the underground fight-pits of Kil’rret. A city all but forgotten by the empire as it has been cut-off to conserve food for the pompous and pious of Ouss’rahel, the current capital of this dystopian empire. What Wuyon doesn’t know is that the Do’rret (rebel force) have seen his skills hone from fighting up to seven opponents at a time, lately coming out with out more than a scratch. He has become valuable enough that the Do’rret have bribed the pit masters to allow Wuyon a small pair of daggers, that he might more possibly survive his 7-year indentured servitude.
  • Wuyon survives imposssible odds and is paid a good sum, 7500 credits, which can last him four-six years if he’s frugal. He also leaves leaves with two other things, the honor and respect that come with being one of the 14 humanoids to ever survive a seven-year-tour in the fight pits, and the knowledge that someone wanted him to survive.
  • He is left to his own devices for a few days, but eventually receives the eery chill that something important is about to happen. An agent of the Do’rret confirms his identity and explains the reason Wuyon was kept alive. The Do’rret have been putting funds and research together for years to develop a time portal that would safely send an agent back to a time and place that he could cut off the head of the Merchant Empire before it gained momentum.
  • They have also gathered a nanosuit equipped with the latest first-aid and cloaking capabilities, a pair of force blades, and the coup-de-grace a tau-field generating belt. The only thing that was needed was Wuyon, a swift fighter with no remaining family, who had sufficient hatred only for the way of life that the majority of the Empire is forced into. He alone could be trusted to assassinate the Merchant King before he gained power. Wuyon’lyn Do’rret agreed with this reasoning and agreed to step through the fairly-certain portal.


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